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  • To bring members golden age of freight forwarders and logistics companies. Working with FEAFFA will allow members to proceed at their own rate according to their ability.
  • To advise the government on steps needed to develop the industry, and participate - when invited – in the preparation of rules, regulations and laws in co-operation with the concerned authorities, and offer suggestions on methods for their implementation.
  • Nurture and protect the interests of the members, which will ultimately ensure a harmonious relationship among each other.
  • Facilitate programs and activities that will support local and international government initiatives and policies, relating to the regulation and development of the freight forwarding industry and its related trades.
  • Lead the freight forwarding and logistics community in raising the industry performance standards as we move towards our goal of being a world-class Association. We will support our members on a global scale. Locally, our members will get the best service and competitive rates through fellow Agents.
  • Association will inspire its members to be the best they can be. We will engage in sustainable practices and anticipate the needs of our members. We will maximize their benefits while still maintaining quality in our services.
  • Providing training in the industry has always been an important part of TAFFA. It has established a training facility where people can study the globally recognized Certificates and Diploma in Freight Forwarding.
  • Hand in hand with FIATA, TAFFA advocates international logistics-centered conferences for their learning and networking opportunities. To date, by largely focusing on the position of international clearing, forwarding and logistics arena, TAFFA members play a big part not only their places as the major players in the freight and logistics field, but also as foremost facilitators of other fast-growing industries.


a) To regulate, monitor, control and coordinate the freight Forwarding Industry in the United Republic of Tanzania.

b) Establish an accreditation Board to oversee professionalism in the industry. To promote the exchange of ideas and protect the interest of members all involved in the field of clearing and forwarding. Consult, advise and generally assist other organizations and authorities on matters related to and for the betterment of the Association’s activities.

c) To act as a guarantor, insurance brokers and documentation bureau for the members. Establish, organize, manage and finance exhibitions and displays on freight forwarding on its own or in collaboration with other organizations inside or outside the country.

d) To promote and support legislations and policies that are geared to enhance the growth of the field and to register dissenting views and opinion on legislations and policies that in the opinion of the Association may affect negatively the field.

e) To advise the government, its departments and parastatals and the private sectors in general on matters concerning and related to freight forwarding industry. Affiliate and cooperate with local international institutions having objectives similar in whole or in part to those of the Association.

f) To lobby, advocate and dialogue with the government and its institutions on matters and interest of the industry and its members.

g) To liaise, interact, share information and cooperate with other association in East Africa, SADC and the association in other parts of the world. h) To provide on consultancy basis professional services which includes but not limit to pre-shipment inspection, physical verification of imports and exports, terminal operations, tallying and physical escort to local and transit cargo.